Individual Crochet Method Review

Hi guys, welcome to 2017. How’s the resolutions coming? Easy? Given up already? All my  Fit Fam people, Hi! Dont give up just yet o! Hang on. You are not alone.

I tried the individual crochet method with jumbo box braids I made myself over the holidays. While some people have tried this method a few times already, some are probably wondering what I’m talking about. Here’s an explanation Continue reading

Diy Curly Crochet hair 

I pass in front of my hair stylist everyday wondering what she thinks whenever she sees me. The last time I visited her was in March and I know she probably prays against “akagum” customers like me who come only once a year . But who can blame me? We’re on a healthy hair journey and our mission is to retain length and acquire skill. I’ve been asked many questions on why I do my hair myself and refuse to humbly visit a hair salon Continue reading

How to make goddess locs yourself. 

Hi beaus,
What’s popping?  Summer is here(abi it’s not summer eh? )  and this is usually the best time of the year for me(after Christmas of course). There isn’t much work during this period and I get to enjoy life!  The past week I was indisposed and forced to stay at home for most of the week and I eventually used the plenty of time on my hands to make my hair into goddess locs. Continue reading

Loc appreciation day 2016

Hi guys,
Sometimes when life begins to slope into a state of uncertainty, I like to imagine what I’m sure the future would be like. It helps put me to mentally reset myself. I’m usually sure of most of the details unless God has a better plan.

While I absorb myself in this imaginative amplitude of life’s possibilities, I always make sure the future me in my imagination  is endowed with a head full of beautiful locs. Why locs? Well, why not locs?! Continue reading

Do you have a beard fetish?

Happy Easter lovely people,

This post came out of something that has been marinating in my mind for a while. Thankfully Easter gives me a perfect opportunity to talk about it. You’re probably wondering what Easter has got to do with beards. Jesus! That’s what.

I was watching an easter movie on good friday and I wondered why all the actors who ever acted as Jesus had beards. Continue reading

Let’s chew over August!

Hello peoples!
Happy “ember” month to you. I’m more excited the year is running… Yes, running to an end. The memories of Christmas last year are still fresh and a new one will soon be here.
When August came, i was very happy. I knew it was going to be an exciting month. It’s over now and I decided to add a new post segment to the blog to talk about how the previous month went. Thus “Chew over ……………” . I was going to call it “August’s musings ” but decided it was too just there. I searched for synonyms of musings and saw a few nice words like ponder over, reminisce, ruminate- I don’t like this one though. Cows ruminate. I finally chose chew over. It appeals to me in a funny way. You could let me know what you think about the title in the comments box.
Here is what I was up to in August.

1. Part time Salon experience: I had a lot of free time because work period was reduced by a few hours temporarily. I decided to volunteer my service at a family friend’s salon and before you ask if it was for free. Yeah. I did charity in August. That’s how it looked but I was gathering knowledge and perfecting my hair making skills. I’ll tell you why soon.
My experience there was insightful and scary. I was shocked most of the time. One time a lady came to make her hair and she had didi on. She wanted to braid her hair with Xpression extensions into tiny twists. Feathers precisely. I offered to help loosen her hair and noticed it was a bit wet, greasy and messy. When we were done loosening, I asked if she would wash her hair and she said she had already washed in shower. I looked at this lady in shock. “Say what?” . While I was loosening,she had said she would carry the new hair do for 2 or 3 months and she wont apply any hair cream through out because it makes her scalp itch. Everything in me was screaming “Madam what in God’s name are you saying?”. You won’t wash your greasy dirty hair( I don’t know what she even used to wash the hair), you won’t moisturise your hair for 3 months and you expect the hair to grow by then. I would have advised her better. I was itching to. But the salon owner said i should not say anything through eye contact. Who was I to talk? I felt sorry for the lady because she didn’t know better and her stylist would not say the truth. She didn’t want me to touch her hair because she had not seen me before and wanted only professional touch. She was also complaining about everything. Who told her I wasn’t an expert? Long story short, I realised Nigerian women need hair grooming education. It is too important. Especially at the grassroot. It hurts to see people treat their hair without self respect. Salon stylists I hail! Not all of them should be allowed to handle hair. Most of them are ignorant and wicked too. You ask a lady “What happened to your hairline? its all gone!”. There is a 75% certainty she’ll say its her stylist.
In lieu of my observations and passion for hair, I have decided I would have my own salon  and it would be a natural hair salon. I’m working on it and my writing it here is my way of disciplining myself to be focused. There are glitches right now and a lot I have to learn but I would do it.
I started making other people’s hair. I have been making my own hair for so long and a few friends’ hair here and there. I crotcheted my friend Amaka’s hair with yarn for the first time and it was good. It took a long time too because I was doing it alone.



I made some others too.

More pictures would come as I progress. Sadly it isn’t commensurate with money but I’m learning a lot and getting better than I used to be.

2. The Piano: I started to learn how to play the piano. That is one thing crossed off my lifetime bucket list. Learn a musical instrument ✔. There is also nothing sexier than a lady playing the Piano. Its very difficult and I get frustrated trying to control my left and right fingers at the same time. But I’ll get there.
3. I wrote a poem: I got to cross one more thing off my to do list. Write a poem. Let me say I’ve tried to do this for so long I’ve forgotten why I decided to try. it being difficult is why it made my list. A friend called Ayomitide who is a gospel Poet compelled me and I eventually wrote something. Its a Christian poem that talks about God’s love. Maybe that’s why the inspiration came.


It is said that God is love
But what really is love
In 1st Corinthians, Love is kind
Love is Patient, Love is tolerant
Love remembers no wrong
Love trusts and suffers long
Love never loses hope and doesn’t quit.

With flesh I have tried to love
In flesh I have failed in love
Until I knew him who is love
How could He give his life for me
He didn’t even know me
Not losing hope he sent his son to die
That you and I might be saved

I have sinned and I have fallen
I came to the world a sinner
Yet while we were sinners
God gave up himself for us
Ain’t no love bigger than this
To the world love is care
But God’s love is pure

God’s love is perfect, inexhaustible
God’s love is giving, overflowing
God’s love never needs, helps and never murmurs
God’s love does not fail and endures forever
Now in all these, God’s love is greatest.


Its my fair attempt and I like it.

4. My hair revolted: This hair I gave life, care, time and everything to. The day I discovered, I almost cut everything off. I was completely disgusted and perplexed. The only reason I didn’t cut it is because I have decided I want to have long natural hair on my wedding day. Mind you, I don’t know when that is, so we keep working. I had scalp scabs. Whatever it was, Dandruff, Psoriasis, bla bla bla…. I hated it. I couldn’t bear to look at my hair and  wore scarves for 3 days until I had to wash.




I have no definite conclusion on what caused it but there are a few suspects and a strong feeling it is because of the left over Avocado in my hair from my last diy protein treatment. I resolve never to try it again. I must have created a nourishing  environment for microbes.
I had to change my wash regimen to a weekly wash instead of the normal two weeks, I stopped using shampoo and switched to black soap. Most of it is gone now without doing anything special. I planned a henna treatment but I’m not sure I’ll do that now. I have enough on my plate with this weekly wash thing. I’m not mentally prepared to add a henna treatment that would take at least 5 hours of my weekend.

5. I read a book:

unnamed (9) This book was uh-maazing! it was an audiobook on Audible and was narrated by the author Marquetta Breslin. It was really eye opening. Here are a few things i got from the book

Your success has nothing to do with hair. It has everything to do with your power and your belief. You get what you believe you deserve. You resell what you believe about your value to the world.

Clients are buying feeling. How they feel, a better look, transformation and emotional feeling.

Being awesome with hair isnt all that is needed. Be good at what you do but the goal is mastery.

As a stylist, you create a profound impact in people’s life. Become an expert communicator. Listening to your clients and their feelings is Gold. Make it clear that you get them.

At a point I stopped to ask myself Stylist  or Shrink?  But after reading i understood better. I’ll definitely be putting the insights into good use.

6. I had bomb flat twist out!: Flat twist outs have never been my turf. The first time i tried it with perm rods, it was a fail.




Day 2 looked just like chunky twist outs.

It  didnt turn out the way i wanted it to and that was when i discovered the scalp scabs. Nevertheless, i tried again very determined to get better curl definition and i did. The gods of curl definition decided to smile on me. A very big smile it was.


Some people mistook it for a weave


Now that flat twist out is conquered, i have been eyeing the maximum hydration method and the wash and go. Haha! One at a time though.

Thats about it for August. I’m hoping September is better for me and you too.

P.S.: A friend tried the twist out after following the tutorial from the last post and this is what she got.

I was mighty impressed by her results. Proud too. I’m gonna be putting more tutorials henceforth.

P.P.S: Naturals in the city 12 is this month. Whoop! Whoop! Leylarh Cadne who is a make up artist and my friend( shamefully famzing) will be auditing make up bags for free! She’ll check out your make up purse and tell you what’s right, what isn’t and what is better. Just for 10 people.

There would also be talks about natural hair and health plus activity tables. Its awesome right? If i dont make it to this meet up then i know some very strong people are behind it. You shouldn’t miss it too.

Until next time,

My twist outs.

Hi beautiful!
I had an epiphany while writing my last post. My Nappyversary was a month ago and I didn’t know. My journey to become natural has too many dates I didn’t know which to mark. Whether it was the day I had my last relaxer, day of my BC and my final trim when I cut off about 2 inches off my hair. Since Nappyversary is the day I became fully natural, I guess that would be my final trim, So happy nappyversary to me in arrears.


I have not done a length check but I like the length of my hair right now. I couldn’t have asked for better. My only issue is my hairline. I’ve accepted it the way it is though but I try not to damage it further.

Anybody who knows me, would know my go to style is a Twist out. I carry my hair in twists for a week, a twist out for the second then I wash my hair. I love twist outs. The curl pattern is lovely, its a low manipulation protective style and it gets better with time.
In response to the requests i’ve been getting, i’m gonna share my twist out life span for last week from scratch.
I washed my hair on Saturday, I did a protein deep condition with avocado, egg, lemon, conditioner, olive oil and coconut oil. My hair probably liked it but I won’t repeat it again.


After my wash, I had leftover avocado in my hair. Tried to get it out to no avail. I even dipped my whole head in a bucket of water and it still didn’t come off. The crazy things I’ve done for this hair ehn.
So i eventually twisted my damp hair after applying Cantu Shea butter leave in conditioner. I twisted with a styling cream and Jbco.


I would normally make small twists but I decided to make larger ones to save time.


The next day I loosened the twists.


Step 1: I unraveled the twists with olive oil in my hands.


Step 2: I separated each strand into smaller pieces with my oily fingers to reduce frizz.


Step 3: Picked the roots with a comb to lift the twist out and cover the scalp lines.


The twist out of day 1 was good, I had defined curls but the ends were my problem. They looked a little rough. I’m not really sure if they are supposed to look that way but I’m sure i’ve gotten the hang of it to about 65%. That’s because I feel I need to improve in certain areas like 100% curl definition, shrinkage and frizz.
At night I put my hair in a satin bonnet before going to bed. Some people retwist everything at night but not me. I try that and my hair looks like Medusa’s the next day.


I woke my hair up my fluffing and picked the roots again. I still had length by the next day and my ends had just started to wake up. The curls had begun to change and frizz.



I decided to moisturise by day 3 and my hair shrunk to a twa. Frizz was a lot but I liked the curl definition and my ends were better.


On day 4 I separated more strands and put it in a side swept puff with bobby pins.


By day 5 my hair was fierce!! I was so proud.
My twist outs look better with time and they definitely age well. By the end of day 5, i had to detangle!  I’m always afraid of combing out my twist outs so I usually finger detangle by separating each hair strand one after the other. I put the hair in 4 sections and detangled. This way I prevent hair loss.
Some people ask me if they could twist out on relaxed hair and my answer is yes. It just won’t look the same. If I was relaxed, I would preferably twist my hair and curl with rollers or perm rods overnight.


I personally think this is too boring. Life is too short for boring hair.
More tips on defined twist outs:
Roll the ends of your fingertips around your finger if it unravels before time.
Seal the ends of your twist with Shea butter or a carrier oil to prevent moisture loss and breakage.
Use oily hands to separate your twists. This adds shine and prevents frizz.
Moisturise your edges often.
The longer you keep your twists, the more defined the twist outs would be.
Keep trying.