Loc appreciation day 2016

Hi guys,
Sometimes when life begins to slope into a state of uncertainty, I like to imagine what I’m sure the future would be like. It helps put me to mentally reset myself. I’m usually sure of most of the details unless God has a better plan.

While I absorb myself in this imaginative amplitude of life’s possibilities, I always make sure the future me in my imagination  is endowed with a head full of beautiful locs. Why locs? Well, why not locs?!

The past Saturday was Loc appreciation day and I went with my loc muse and friend Chioma of  That igbo girl and Laolu of sports Kulture. Coincidentally, it was also the day for Naturals in the City 15.

Loc appreciation day is celebrated around the world for dreadlocs “Dada” people. It is usually organised here in Nigeria by  Ade Balogun of Locitude.

This year’s loc appreciation day took place at liquid hub in Ikoyi. It was slated to start at 4pm and there were free cocktails for the first 20 people. We were pretty late but we still got cocktails. :mrgreen: The show was anchored by Isabella Akinseye of Africana Literati. We had an interesting panel discussion by two speakers Dr Toyin and Goddess Mosby who talked about their hair journey.  The rest was basically talk and networking. I got to meet a few interesting people. I’m just gonna drop pictures here for you to see.

Chioma and i

Bankole of Tech Cabal

Ezra Olubi of Paystack

Sorry about the lighting. It was getting dark already.

Dr Toyin Oshinowo in the middle is also Dr Foxy Cleo. She was a Co speaker during the interactive session. Her vibes and energy are contagious too.

Look at that hair length!

Chioma, Locitude, Isabella Akinseye, Imisiayo

There was the green carpet moment with battabox

There were clothes on sale.

I wish i took more pictures though but there wasn’t enough time and it was dark. That’s it y’all! LAD 2016 was cool but I’m hoping next year’s would be better and it’s for everyone. Loc head or not.

As always,  Imisiayo.


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