Individual Crochet Method Review

Hi guys, welcome to 2017. How’s the resolutions coming? Easy? Given up already? All my  Fit Fam people, Hi! Dont give up just yet o! Hang on. You are not alone.

I tried the individual crochet method with jumbo box braids I made myself over the holidays. While some people have tried this method a few times already, some are probably wondering what I’m talking about. Here’s an explanation : There are presently two crochet methods – Cornrow method and individual braids method. Many people are familiar with the cornrow method where the person’s hair is woven into cornrows with any braid pattern of choice.

Whereas the individual method requires single braids.

Single braids

After installing and carrying the style for 3 weeks, here are my thoughts about it compared to the cornrow method. 

  1. It’s too much work! Making individual braids is a lot of work compared to cornrows. Especially if you have long hair like mine or if you have to make small sized braids. Let’s not forget I braided the extensions separately too.
  2. Individual crochet braids is very time consuming. It takes almost double the time used to install the cornrow method.
  3. Installation can be a bit harsh on the scalp especially if you are installing jumbo sized braids. Tip: While braiding your hair, create a little more allowance to pass the extension through at the root. Or you might rip your hair in the process especially if your roots are weak.
  4. Styling the individual crochet braids is better. Because it was made with individual braids, it appears like it was braided from the roots. 
  5. Removal is also as time consuming as installation with the individual method. First you have to remove the extensions then face the individual braids. Lawd!  This was too much for me even though I had only 45  braids. Now what if I had about 150 braids?
  6. In my opinion, it’s not as low manipulative as the cornrow method. Whatever you do to the extensions, you do also to your hair

Thankfully my edges didn’t suffer. I liked that it was different. I won’t readily choose it over the cornrow method though.  It’s also easier with crochet pre locd hair. 

P.S. I stock handmade braids and locs. They are also custom made to suit your demands.

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7 thoughts on “Individual Crochet Method Review

  1. labakeany says:

    I did the crochet hair thing corn row method which I found nice and less stressful , I didn’t even know there is an individual crochet method but all in all I prefer the old regular braid your hair from root to bottom style maybe it’s cause I didn’t wear my crochet for long.


  2. Tosin says:

    I am used to the cornrow crochet braids, have DIYed it a couple of time. Only con is the limited styling options. But i’ll try this single crochet braid, with crochet twist though. I think it may be easier.


  3. skinnybrownie says:

    I was going to try the individual crochet method but I hadn’t even done two before I realised it was too much work and my scalp is really sensitive. Plus it’s not nice for the edges., my edges felt overly stressed. I prefer the corn row method anytime any day.


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