How to make goddess locs yourself. 

Hi beaus,
What’s popping?  Summer is here(abi it’s not summer eh? )  and this is usually the best time of the year for me(after Christmas of course). There isn’t much work during this period and I get to enjoy life!  The past week I was indisposed and forced to stay at home for most of the week and I eventually used the plenty of time on my hands to make my hair into goddess locs. I’ve had this picture of Tyra Banks rocking goddess locs on my phone for a while and it has been speaking to me a lot.

I’m pretty sure this hair is heavy. But she slayed!

I went to Mushin market in Lagos briefly. Seriously that’s where I get my extensions. Whenever I go there, I get to see extensions that aren’t available in retail at salons yet and the prices are cheaper. I bought 2 packs of a curly Xpression attachments called Xpression Harmonia for 600 naira per pack and 2 packs of Xpression Kinky hair at 850 naira per pack.

Sorry about the picture quality

Each pack has 2 bundles of hair. One long for the front and one short for the back. I used the long bundles from each pack because I wanted the locs to be long so in a way I used one pack only for my hair.
How did I install? 

I threaded my hair the night before to stretch it. Stretching the hair makes manipulation easier and painless. I parted my hair into the number of sections I wanted to make and I had a total of 45 sections.

I made twists with the curly extensions but I had one side of the extension longer up to where I wanted it to reach on my body. Then I wrapped the twists with the Xpression Kinky hair from the roots down to a considerable length,  sealed with super glue (Alteco)  and left the curly part at the end.
It took me 10 hours to install. Just imagine. Although at few times, I would stop to do other things like eat, rest, eat, rest etc (there wasn’t anything else to do)  so I wasn’t tired when I finished.

It cost me 2300 naira in total to do this especially because I did it myself.
I can also make this for you if you are interested. Just send me a mail at

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Enjoy the rest of the week !


8 thoughts on “How to make goddess locs yourself. 

  1. tinuayo says:

    Imisi…..well-done I do d same too….d thing is, it’s actually fun when u can make ur hair urself…u explore….but really I learnt this style from you😘😘😘


  2. Chinelo says:

    Hi very lovely hair, Please did you uses the entire 2 packs of expression kinky to wrap? I’d like mine to be a bit fuller show many packs would you recommend


  3. Onyc Hair says:

    Hello Sir
    Thanks for posting this amazing blog. It consists of very useful information. The language you used in this is very simple & easy to understood. Post some more blogs related to “kinky curly clip in extensions”. It would be really helpful for those girls who want to look gorgeous in party or any other function.
    Thanks & Regards.


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