Diy Curly Crochet hair 

I pass in front of my hair stylist everyday wondering what she thinks whenever she sees me. The last time I visited her was in March and I know she probably prays against “akagum” customers like me who come only once a year . But who can blame me? We’re on a healthy hair journey and our mission is to retain length and acquire skill. I’ve been asked many questions on why I do my hair myself and refuse to humbly visit a hair salon . It’s amazing what people can say when they wish they could do what you do but they know they can’t so they try to bring you down with words. I’ll be all sorts of charming when I have to visit her.
My latest diy is a curly crochet hair I made with Xpression Harmonia hair. I used the same extension as the base for my goddess locs. It has a curly wavy pattern.

It took me two nights to make this because I was working during the day. The first night, I made the braid pattern and installed some of the extensions at the back. I went to sleep when I noticed my hand falling from my head and  I used a scarf to work the next day.

The braid pattern

For installation, I used a crochet pin  only and two packs of the extension. I didn’t pass the pin through the base of the hair directly on my scalp. I passed the crochet pin through a small part of my weave. This was supposed to prevent the knot from unraveling easily especially because it was synthetic hair and very silky.

A pack of the extension had 2 bundles of hair. One long and one short. I used the short ones for the back. I cut the long ones into two and separated each braid into small pieces and put them on my hair. The front part had smaller sections so my edges do not come off seeing as I’ve not conquered the edges struggle.

This is what the almost finished look was. I trimmed it to fit with a scissors which was wrong. The ends of the hair was ugly. I had to trim the next day with a blade.

After the first day, I almost loosened the hair. I was tired of its stress and I felt I could not keep up with its maintainance. Eventually I had patience and took time to manage it.

It tangles at the end of the day but I detangle it daily with a curl detangler/gloss I got at the market. I don’t let it get to my scalp. It helps to tame the hair,style and set properly. I do the detangling with my fingers and I always have to wash my hands after. The stuff is really sticky.

I’ve had the hair in for 2 weeks and it has been a love hate relationship. Sometimes I love the hair and sometimes I don’t know how I really feel about it. Overall it’s a 65% like. Would I do it again? No. The stress is too much. But I’m thinking that’s because I’m a braids person and this is new to me. It’s my first ever curly hair. I’ll rather stick to the braids. I miss my hair too. One more week and I’m done.


Some people see the hair on me and like it. I think I’m wearing it well. Most people think it’s a weavon. I’ve made it for clients already and I have people asking for the same style.

Please put down your thoughts about the hairstyle in the comments section . Yay or Nay, I’d love to know.  

 Enjoy your weekend. 


4 thoughts on “Diy Curly Crochet hair 

  1. skinnybrownie says:

    The hair looks lovely.. Your braid pattern is so neat considering you did it yourself, I can’t even manage clear lines whenever I try to do it myself.
    How many inches long is the expression harmonia?


    • afromissie says:

      Thanks a lot. I apologize for the late response. I got no notification anywhere. It’s sorted now. I’ve been making cornrows in my hair since secondary school. That’s a lot of practice and experience. I practically know every line and bump in my scalp now. 😀
      The Xpression Harmonia’s long bundle is about 24 inches long unstretched while the short bundle is about 14 inches unstretched. Thank you for stopping by.😊

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