Hand-in-hair Syndrome (HIH)

Everytime I put my hand in my hair, something comes off. I either rip off a knot unconsciously or my nails pick up a strand of hair that shouldn’t have come off. 

Now, according to Quora, a syndrome is a bunch of symptoms that often occur together. It doesn’t always have to be medical though. It could be physical, structural, mental or in our case behavioural. So Hand in hair syndrome  is just a behavioural syndrome because it has a bunch of features that occur together.

How do you know if you have HIH? 

Do you find yourself subconsciously taking your hand to your hair to:

  • tuck or pat your coils just to make sure they are there
  • twirl your coils around your fingers when you are bored, anxious or shy
  • restyle even though you styled it in front of a mirror properly (I’m guilty of this. I don’t even need a mirror. I just whip out my phone camera and styling session begins. Almost anywhere.)
  • feel your oh so wonderful hair texture
  • touch to check if it’s dry, soft or shrunken
  • touch again.

If you are guilty of these, then your diagnosis is HIH. Welcome to the club.

What are it’s effect? 

If length retention or healthy hair is your goal this year, this habit won’t help because constant hair manipulation causes split ends, dry ends, tangles, knots and hair breakage.

 How to stop Hands in hair syndrome

  • Make your hair into a protective style that won’t give you easy access to your hair.
  • Use silk scarves or turbans to stop you from touching your hair
  • Try not to let your hair down too often. A pin up style would be great to help you.
  • Be conscious and mindful of your actions. When you find your hands going back, remember you know better.
  • When styling in front of the mirror, style to your heart’s content and note to yourself that your hair is perfect. No more impulsive styling sessions.

That’s it! HIH is common to a lot of natural haired ladies out there. Lord knows I’m guilty too. But I’m in rehab. 

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Enjoy the rest of your week.

As always, Imisiayo.


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