Hand-in-hair Syndrome (HIH)

Everytime I put my hand in my hair, something comes off. I either rip off a knot unconsciously or my nails pick up a strand of hair that shouldn't have come off.  Now, according to Quora, a syndrome is a bunch of symptoms that often occur together. It doesn't always have to be medical though. … Continue reading Hand-in-hair Syndrome (HIH)

Winner Announcement- Afromissie giveaway

Hello Everyone, I'm happy the giveaway has ended and there is a winner now. Its coily head of hair's Nafisah. Congratulations!!! The selection of the winner was automated and randomly selected.She has been contacted and has recieved the voucher. She has also spent it. Stay tuned for more giveaways on the blog soon. P.s. Naturals … Continue reading Winner Announcement- Afromissie giveaway

The Woman

Hi Dearies, long time no see. I'm sorry I've been unavailable for a while. I got caught up with work and some other things. I was researching on something recently and discovered the month of march is women's history month. Best of all, today march 8 is international women's day. A lot of these celebrations … Continue reading The Woman