Should you grow a beard or not? | Is she really worth the hitch?

Congratulations on getting to the mid part of the year. I’m grateful for my life and yours too. Without you this blog would be a hidden grand building with no one walking through it’s floors. Utter waste!
In my last post, I mentioned that I was going to put up a poll to know if the beard game is worth the trouble.
Thanks to all the ladies who participated.You helped me come to a conclusion I’ll share soon.

Like every other budding young girl in secondary school, I had a mental assay of what I wanted in a partner and of course, turn offs. One turn off was guys with skin haircut and another was ugly toe nails. I couldn’t stand ugly toenails and I didn’t understand what was attractive about a hairless man. I was of the notion that ugly toenails meant ugly everything. Both attributes in one person was a NO.


Skidaddle to my second year in the University and I was dating somebody with a skin cut. His skin cut and goatee went against the principles written in my book yet I remember how gooey eyed I was to have my personal “Tuface”.
Over the years, I’ve had my appetite(Pardon me. My vocabulary has thinned out as usual) change many times. I figure this has a lot to do with age and maturity.

Presently, I have a secret curiosity to know how it feels to date a bearded guy(this is my ruminating thought). A few years ago, beards would have made me puke. Now a sister just finds them mysterious. (Please note that this does not apply to EVERY man with facial hair or any scraggly type of facial hair).

Back to the poll. Majority of the participants were indifferent to bearded men and some liked bearded men. I’m also sure the one or two who didn’t like bearded men chose that because their partners are presently clean shaven. So guys, my conclusion is this: Do whatever you like. Grow a beard or shave and have a baby bottom face or just have a light stubble. If you are growing a beard because you discovered that girl you really like has a thing for bearded men, you would realise you’ve wasted all those months struggling through a hitch for nothing when she shuts the door at you. Personality mostly gets the girl and keeps her. I’ve also realized no girl is beyond your reach. As long as you have the right cards. Trust me on this.

Now don’t leave just like that. I would love to know what you think. Especially if your taste in partners has evolved over time and how much it has. I would really love to see your comments.

Love, Imisiayo.

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6 thoughts on “Should you grow a beard or not? | Is she really worth the hitch?

  1. Babiej says:

    Oh I agree 100% I remember how much I used to whine about never datng a guy that’s short… now it’s the order of the day.. Never change who u really are except if it will be beneficial to u too.


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