Hairducate yourself before you go natural

Going natural is the thing right now and a lot…no not a lot. There’s a massive flux of ladies to the natural bandwagon. I recently felt sorry for  companies that make relaxers. Thank God they make other hair products or else the drought would be serious.
Natural hair is beautiful. Oh yeah! I should say that again.  Natural hair is beautiful. But, it has wahala oh!
I tell friends or acquaintances who wanna go natural, its beautiful, its healthy, it makes u feel good but you have to really love it and want it before you make the decision to BC( big  chop i.e  cut off all off your relaxed hair at once) or transition.
When I cut my hair initially, my God, people were brutal! I can use cruel too. What got me through it was the dedication, love and knowledge I had. “OmG! Why did you cut your hair? You this girl that used to be fine…… What have you done to yourself?” “Ah! Imisiayo you cut all that hair? What were you thinking?”, ” Your father shouldn’t have allowed you cut your hair!”, “What is this? Dreads? Is that why you cut your hair? Eh this girl o!” One time I felt if God did not stop me I would have given one woman what was at the tip of my tongue when she pushed my head. But of course they love my hair now. Everybody wants hair like mine but not everyone has the time or patience for it.
A misconception I try to correct is that natural hair is expensive. Time expensive maybe but not cash.  Its not fair to call it expensive because it takes what it always deserved from you. After all,it is also a part of our body. Why spend more on one part and feel one part doesn’t deserve that much? Long story short, natural hair isn’t money costly. There are cheaper and more natural options for every product and they work just fine.
Nobody told me there would be times I would not sleep. One night I was awake crocheting my hair up till 4 in the morning.  Many times I have twisted my hair into the night, slept off on it and woke up to tie headwrap to work. The struggle is real. Of course you do not always have to make it yourself. I’ve always loved making my own hair.
I’m past those days of struggling to put my hair into a style. Halleluyah! Those were my twa (teeny weeny afro- means really short hair) days.


My research then was tireless. Google was my friend, bae, lover, teacher and bed partner. I eventually found a routine that worked for me and still works. A routine is definitely a life saver. I wash and deep condition on weekends and twist. I rock my twist for a week then unravel into a twist out. A twist out for another week and I’m due for another wash. I alternate my styles some tines though. Low manipulation and stress free.
Sweetheart before you choose to go natural, identify your reason, that reason is what would keep you going on that day your hair refuses to obey and you wonder “how did I get here?” Or a family member or stranger says something really nasty bout your hair. If its because its the rave and you just wanna try it, good luck on your journey
Bottom line of it all is to research, ask questions, be knowledgeable before plunging into it. Of course our people say whoever asks questions won’t get lost. I just had to throw that in. 😁 .
You don’t have to do it because everybody is. Find out why and how they’re doing it before you do. Save yourself plenty headache and heartache when you realise your hair wasn’t what you were expecting it to be. Because this is most likely what would happen. Also help us so you do not end up being one of those ladies who portray a wrong image that natural hair is unkempt hair.
Of course relaxed hair grows too! There are people who have a relaxed journey with healthy long hair. Check out Dabs of Naija hair can grow  . Her hair has me drooling atimes.
I’m not interceding on behalf of companies that make relaxed hair o!
I know our hair can grow with the right care and practice. Be patient. Learn then decide what to do.
F.l.y always! (First love yourself)



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