I’m in love with the Coco.

Hi Dearies,

I feel bad saying dearies after writing no post for a long time. Forgive me. I had so many topics to write about i just didn’t know where to start from and i just kept pushing it. This probably happens to newbies. It would get better.
By now you’ve sang my post title like 3 times already. I know! Its catchy right? I kept singing while writing too. Now if you know the song, you know what the coco is. My coco isn’t that though. I wouldn’t even write bout that coco. Too much controversy. *shudder*
My coco is Coconut oil and Its absolutely wonderful. You know those drugs some people sell and say it works for a lot of diseases, well Coconut oil is my “gbogbo nise”(translation: performer that does all). I hope I got that translation right. It doesn’t treat a lot of diseases per se maybe few infections but it does many wonderful things. It’s like magic.
Ever since I went back to natural with my hair, I’ve been trying to incorporate the natural lifestyle all round. I’ll admit its not been that easy. But I’ve been making some progress. One of my baby steps was to try coconut oil as a body lotion and boy do I love my skin! It has wonderful healing properties and softness that just soak into the skin and make me feel ooh la la la. Thanks to the proteins, saturated fatty acids and vitamin e that heals the skin, makes it soft, protects it and retains moisture content. I prefer using it when my body is still fresh from having my bath and massage it into my skin. The tropical scent is a plus that makes me feel edible until I get under Lagos sun and you know how the struggle goes.
Coconut oil can be used as a make up remover. This works like magic. I’ve tried it myself. Once I had carnival make up all over my face and tried coco. Bye bye make up.
During service year, i was in a rush to work one day and had no polish. 😒. I remembered a little Olive oil can be rubbed into leather. I tried coco instead and you should have seen the big smile my shoes had. No grease so it doesn’t attract dirt. It moisturises leather too! And hair. This post would be incomplete if I do not mention hair. Coconut oil can be used before wash as a prepoo( apply to hair and let it soak for a few hours before shampoo. That’s why its called prepoo. *pre shampoo. It helps to protect the hair during wash from mechanical damage and being stripped.),during wash as a deep conditioner by applying it to hair after shampoo and leaving for about 30 minutes or more depending on your hair texture. Its great because it doesn’t just sit on the hair but penetrates the hair shaft, gets past the cuticle and repairs and restructures the hair preventing protein loss and increases shine. Coco can also be used as a sealant. For sealing moisture into hair after washing or moisturising. It also helps to combat frizz, to detangle or even treat dandruff.
I’ll just list some of the other benefits of coco

– Cooking.
– Massage oil
– Cleanser
– To reduce scars
– As sunscreen (SPF 4)
– To treat fungal infections ( read somewhere a woman swears by this to treat candida. No more itchy. Oops! 😯)
– To lose weight. It boosts metabolism and curbs appetite when spoonfuls are taken before a meal. Take it easy on this though. Too much can be upsetting.
– Diaper rash
– Shaving cream.
– Alzheimer’s disease. There have been some studies that show it slows the progression of the disease.
– Homemade lotion creams
– Stretch marks.
– Healing oil. It helps the skin heal faster after an injury or infection. Also to heal the perineum after birth.
– To relieve bug bites
– Reduces the pain of hemorrhoids when used topically.
– Personal lubricant.

There’s something for every one. Its not greasy and gets absorbed easily.


Your comments keep me going and I appreciate them. Like always, drop them below. God loves a cheerful giver and I love you too. 

Until next time, Imisiayo.


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