In with the New……….and Finally!

Hi Lovelies,

I remember years ago when i first saw the phrase ” Out with the old, In with the New!” That was a few years ago and just before the new year. It kinda stuck with me cos i felt there was nothing better to describe the new year. Unfortunately, I’ve never really been true to it.

This is my first post and should have been many years ago… The regrets of procrastination. *sigh This year i’ve decided no more procrastination. God help me i don’t procrastinate that too.

I’ve been bed fellows with procrastination for soooo long. It’s definitely my longest relationship. In the university, i pushed preparing for seminar for so long until 5 days before presentation. I remember waiting outside my professor’s office for about 5 hours after he sent me out of his office that day. 5 long hours of shame and regret. Still i never learnt. Its a wonder i graduated.

So, in line with my best phrase of the new year, Out with procrastination(I’m breaking up with him for good! and yes he’s male)  and a lot of other things and in with new resolutions. This blog is one of them. 😀

Lets see, i know i’m not the only one guilty of this sweet-bitter relationship. A lot of us have resolutions we’ve already started pushing under a big file in that already full cabinet in our mind. Truth is you can stop. I’ve decided to discipline myself and just do it! Here’s to blogging and reaching milestones this year.

I’ll really love to hear what you think. Please leave your comments below.

Till next time, Imisiayo Prisca.


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